Here comes a good news for all Blogger users! Blogger in draft has added a better preview option in our editing framework of blogger. But yes, it’s still in blogger in draft. You need to go to Blogger in Draft Dashboard ( and need to create a post from there.

What’s really the change?


Preview Button in Blogger in Draft

The older version of preview used to show just the miniature preview with the formatting options applied and now the newer version actually allows you to preview the post directly in your blog along with the template you have applied. (Yes, similar to the WordPress feature.) I know most of you play with your WYSIWYG editor and want to preview it lot of time before you click on the “Publish Post” button.

This feature will actually help you to see how your ongoing post is going to look with your blogger template (along all your styles if used) and thus blog. Did you see that Preview icon band on the side of your blog? See the screenshot below to see how this post looked in preview with blogger.

Better Preview for Blogger Blogs

Okay, one more thing before you go and start using this feature.

You need to refresh the page or click on the”preview Button again if you changed the content. Basically, it means, the page won’t refresh automatically. Blogger In draft did let us know about the new feature with its new blog post. Do you try the blogger feature before they are released ? Are you going to try this one ?

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  1. Hi there,

    I am trying to do what you have done with your header: ie. split the header and add a gadget next to it, but I’ve had no success. When I’ve gone to other sites to use their html code, I do get the header to move to one side or the other, but there is no gadget afterwards next to the header in the layout page. I’m using blogger in draft, and I’m a newbie who is trying to learn some more html, but it is progressing slowly. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time and attention!

  2. Hi! I want to know about other site like which gives much more feasibility to customize the theme of the bog…. Will you help me

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