Add Google Adsense / Html scripts in your Blogger Templates

Blogger Html Who doesn’t want to add some Adsense ads to their blog and make some bucks out of their content? And when Blogger has really made it easier to add Adsense Ads and monetize your blog’s content, I hope there’s nothing wrong to give it a try. Ok it’s up to you to decide whether you need to monetize your blog or not but I guess, most of you must be doing that. And do you know you need to keep on playing with the ads position to find out the spot for more earnings? But sometimes you face the problem to have your ads displayed in the right position you wanted to. May be you need to edit your blogger template in order to do that. So in this post, I wanted to include tips that will help you to display your Adsense ads in better position and thus increase you earnings.

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How to add Scripts / Html in Blogger ?

This post is a simple tip for blogger blog beginnners to add additional Html and scripts in their blogs.
Many Blogger Users ask how they could add some Scripts or Html to their blog after they have started their blogger blog. Probably, after their first one if not couple of blogs. So i am targeting this post for beginners of the blogger and hope this post will be beneficial for them.

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New Blogger Transparent Navbar Styles

Most people choose Blogger for the fact that, its relatively easy and it just takes minutes to set up your blog and start blogging. And so to preserve this feature, blogger always tries to make things easier. Blogger knows most of us don’t want to spend more time on the design and so it has now introduced New Transparent Navbar Styles to make your blog design process easier. In accordance to your need, Blogger has made the customisation process of your  Blogger templates better. You can now easily choose among more navbar styles for your blog.
Blogger Navbar Transparent
Personally I think blogger has come out with these new transparent navbars to discourage people from removing the Navbars from their blogger blogs completely. Well, you can decide yourself if you want to have it back or not but certainly if you already using it in your template, these new styles can be exciting to you. Here are the screenshots.
Blogger Navabar Dark
Blogger Navbar Light

Blogger has added two new color schemes — “Transparent Light” and “Transparent Dark.” These navabars allow the navbar background to blend together with your blog’s background color and pattern. “We’ve simplified and slimmed down the look of all the navbars, so that they will be more likely to harmonize with the aesthetics of your blog.” Blogger writes in one of its recent posts New Transparent Navbar Styles .

And i hope you know how to make changes to your Navbar Style. Incase you dont know, here’s how you can change your navabar styles.
Go to Layout | Page Elements, then click Edit next to the navbar widget: See the screenshot below.
Edit Navabar Blogger

Did you like these new Navbar styles and did they make you add the Navbar back into your template again. Let us know in the comments below.

Remove Navbar from your Blogger Blog completely

If you are using the third party Blogger Templates, then you shouldn’t have this Navigation bar but if you using the default blogger template, it should consist a Navigation Bar. Unlike hiding the Navbar from your blogger, this method helps to remove the Navbar from blogger template completely. This is a way of completely deleting the navbar widget.
Blogger Navbar
Here’s a step by step tutorial to remove Remove Navbar from your Blogger Blog completely.
1. Log in to your dashboard–> Navigate to layout –>Edit Html Tab

Blogger Edit Html
2. Before you edit your blogger Template, Make sure you backup every time, by clicking on the Download Full Template so that you may restore it if something goes wrong.

Backup Blogger Template
3. In the Template Code find <body> and just above that code, add the following Code.

<script type='text/javascript'>

You shall get a warning saying that, “Would you like to keep these widgets on your blog or delete them?
Deleting widgets cannot be undone.”

Edit Blogger Template
4. Confirm by clicking on the “Delete WIdgets” button and its done !

So, Why should you remove this?

a. If you want to have a clean template.
b. Want to remove the Nav bar code from your HTML source code of your blog.

What will this effect?

a. You won’t see the Quick edit pencil icon and the wrench links even though you have enabled the option and logged in.

How will I get the Navigation Bar back?

If you have removed the navigation bar and want to get it back , just delete the above code you added in your template.
This post dealt with removing the NavBar. Are you still using the Navigation bar in your template? Let us know in the comments below.

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