Add Login Box / Login Form code – Blogger Blog Widget

Login Form - Login Box for Blogger Add blogger login form widget for blogger. The login box in the blogger home page is really cool and many of us prefer going to the homepage itself to login and access our blogs. But what if you like to access your blogger dashboard from your blog itself? Well, it’s possible to add a widget with some codes or scripts to your blogger blog side bar and access your dashboard from that login box. And I am sure you love widgets on your blog. After all they are the bells and whistles on your blog and add some more sense to design and interactivity.

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Google Pagerank update 2010

Google Page Rank Google page rank has been updated today. Its really good news for all webmasters including bloggers. If you are aware of SEO, then you should already have known, how important Page ranks are. I hope this Update went good with your blogs.
In google pagerank update 2009 I had a good page rank of 3 within a month and now as i have changed a lot of things including host (moved from Blogger to Self hosted wordpress), my page rank has been 2. But Most of my Individual Pages have a good Page Rank now.

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Make sure your important domains are on auto-renew

Are you using custom domain for your blogger blog? Then make sure you take care of the domain properly. Most often what happens is after you have set up your Domain properly to work with the blogger blog, you hardly pay any attention to it afterwards. But what if one day you found out that your domain expired and you landed on some other page while accessing your blog ? Well this maynot happen to most of you at all but sometimes due to your ignorance you may have this situation. Last year i lost two of my domains due to such ignorance. Not only me even the $80 million worth comapany that just raised a new $10 million of funding, FourSquare went down some days ago just because it forgot to renew it’s domain name ( See the Screen shot that appeared while accessing the

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How to remove label counts in Blogger Blog

Do you use Blogger Label as categories in your blog? Labels are best way to categorize your posts in blogs and an essential widget to display in your side bar. Although most bloggers display this widget in blogger, some of the bloggers hesitate to use it because it looks bit unprofessional with the numbers of posts associated with the label.
With this hack, you can remove label counts in your blog.

Update: you don’t need the hack anymore. Blogger has adopted the simple configuration in the gadget itself.

See the Screenshot Below.
Blogger User Configure Labels
You can simply uncheck the “Show number of posts per label” which is checked above to remove the Label counts. You can also try the different formats for displaying the labels.
Hope you enjoy this easy tip.

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