Google Adsense Guide For Bloggers Make Money Online

Adsense Basics every publisher should know

Many people have online presence with ideas and plans of earning money through blogs or website. And topics such as earning money Online are really popular in that context. Internet is the only home to people who have plans to make Money online, no matter through promoting their business or through any other means. And among those other means, Adsense is the most popular one.

Adsense comes from the top internet company, Google and is often called Google Adsense. It was introduced in June 2003 and has been very popular among publishers who have desire to earn money. Publishers in this context refer to those who are publishing the Google Adsense advertisement on their website or blog. So if you opt for Adsense ads for your website or Blog then you are the Adsense publisher. Another part Advertiser is that if you are displaying the ads through the Adsense ads but that comes with different program from the same company (Google) namely Adwords. But that’s different story.

Well, Adsense is an advertising program that publishers (see above) use to display advertisements on their website or blog in accordance to their content and make Money. Why we focus more with the term “content” here is really because Adsense Ads come with the type of content you have, or put it simply “Adsense is contextual advertising”. Ads that are displayed on your website’s specific page depend upon the content that you have on the page. For instance, if you have Blogger information on your blog’s page then its more likely that you have ads related to blogger on your page. But sometimes what happens is the software thing of Google can’t exactly determine the type of the context on your page or may not simply have the ads related to your content and thus the ads are not relevant. This also happens frequently if you don’t have content on your page. But it’s really essential that you have Ads according to the content of your page in order to make some bucks using this program.

Now, the Adsense program should not sound confusing if you are willing to make some money online; this is one of the most crucial programs that can really help you. But if you also want to know if it makes some sense using Adsense or the reason why I am saying its worth to give it a try, you can read the below sub topics of why to use Adsense and why not to use the program.

Why use Google Adsense?

The first thing that any one can immediately utter after looking at Adsense, is Money. The money is the basic or primary thing to choose adsense. And this is really important thing to seek Adsense. Almost all of the publishers choose Adsense only because they have the money making concepts in mind. And the good thing is that it’s really possible to make a good amount through Adsense. Nonetheless making money through Adsense depends on lot many things which we shall be discussed in other posts of this blog.

There’s one more reason to choose Adsense. In fact there are many reasons and may differ from publisher to publisher but one more important reason is to make your website or Blog of more worth. Yes it’s possible to make your site more valuable by displaying ads and this is more relevant when we are talking about Google Adsense Ads. It should have been pretty much clear about the contextual ads Adsense displays and by displaying such ads on your website or blog works rather as more resource links on the topic or the content. Thus by displaying such Adsense ads on our pages, we are pointing to lot many valuable (in many cases) resources to explore. People may also be happy to go through the links if found useful afterwards and we are happy after all to have made some bucks through those Ads.

Why avoid Google Adsense?

Frankly, one would really need to think hard on avoiding Adsense. However, there are some that make sense to avoid this big deal program. First, many people believe that it reduces your page views. In fact, any type of advertising could reduce your page views as people are ultimately navigating away from your page. There can be several other reasons but one thing many can agree with is that people prompt to leave your site with those Ads. This may be because they many not be satisfied with the content on your specific page and may be searching for other related things and end up with clicking on the ads instead of other relevant posts on the topic in your site itself. Many can argue that this is helpful as this can bring some revenue but if you don’t matter the revenue, its better you don’t go with the Adsense ads. For instance, if you sell some products through your site there’s probability that people navigate away from your site without buying the products and in this case even the money you may earn from Adsense may be less worth then the possibility of your products being sold.

Second important reason to avoid Adsense is that you don’t have complete control over the Ads being displayed on your site. Well, you can have some control in accordance with the content you publish in your site but that’s not really adequate. There may be several Ads that you may not want to display on your site and using Adsense you have no choice that you remove those Ads. This is significant if the status and reputation of your site matters in ways of displaying Ads. I think this may be the reason why high profile sites are not attracted to this program and continue their own type of advertisements.

Ok, its up to you know. But I am sure; you are going to choose Adsense to display ads for your website or your blog. Well, if you have been already using, then I hope at least you should have known the basics of this Adsense program. I too hope this helps to have a better figure of Adsense in your mind.

If you didn’t get enough time to go through the whole post above and have scrolled to this end, please make sure to go through the important tips on the topic below. It’s just a summary of the Adsense things discussed above.

Summary / Important Tips on the Topic to Remember


  • Introduced in June 2003
  • An advertising program to earn money for those who have online presence through Blogs or Website and publish some type of content
  • Ad-placement Program Based on Google and displaying ads on your blog bought from the Adwords program of Google.
  • Specifically termed as Contextual Advertising that displays advertisements on your Website/Blog according to the context, i.e. content surrounding the Google advertisement or simply the content on your page.

Adsense Use

  • Use Adsense for the best and easy way to make Money online from your website or blog.
  • Use Adsense to make your site of more worth to your visitors by pointing to valuable resources through the ads.

Why you shouldn’t use?

  • Do not use Adsense if you don’t want people navigate promptly from your site clicking on those ads.
  • Do not use Adsense if you think and want complete control over the advertisements displayed on your site.

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Stay tuned to this blog by subscribing its updates to learn more about Adsense in the upcoming topics.

Top 4 Blogger Myths

Blogger Myths Most bloggers don’t try the Blogger because of several myths available in the online blogosphere. Well, blogger has changed over time and lots of things have changed and even some facts have now turned into myths. Most people have concepts such as Blogger is only for beginners or who are brand new into blogging business. Here we will discuss some of such top 4 myths of Blogger.

Only Few Features:

This is the top myth that blogger offers just few features to bloggers. In fact there is no such free software that has as advanced features as blogger. The competitor wordpress software (not the self hosted one) too doesn’t provide as much features as the Blogger one. New features are being added over span of time and the blogger is improving daily by providing users with new and exciting features. The blogger facility to make use of custom templates and add any Html code you need has made blogger much better.

Just Good for Beginners:

People have a myth that blogger has limited functions which just makes it good for the beginner bloggers only. But the case is really different if you can make most of blogger by knowing it functions and aspects. Blogs like Blogger Buster would not use Blogger software if it really was the case. Google has really done a lot make the blogger feature rich and though it’s easy it use, it still remains good blogging platform for professionals too.

Blogs Disappear Suddenly:

Blogger doesn’t remove your blog if you follow the blogger policy carefully. Most blogs are removed because of some type of policy infringement. So make sure you follow the policies carefully and definitely this is going to be a myth. And yes Blogger gives warning if anything as such happens and you can request an review from your blogger dashboard but if you fail to do that within some 15-20 days your blog will be automatically removed.

System Not stable:

After Blogger have moved to hands of Google, I think this has completely been a myth. In past bloggers had complained that the system would go down making both the dashboard and page unavailable. This is no more a problem with Blogger now and it has been more stable now.

I hope you too have know some myths of blogger and if so please feel free to share with us.

Google Page Rank of 3 for BloggerUser

Blogger PagerankMy blog has now achieved a Google page rank of 3. When I explored my own blog yesterday, the Google Tool bar integrated with my browser showed the Google page rank of 3. I didn’t believe it first and soon rushed to check my page rank from Fortunately it too showed that my blog had the page rank of 3. I am really excited for this. It has not been more than a month that I have started this blog and not even more than two months that I got this domain for my blog. This page rank is really great gift from Google to this blog.

Blogger User started just a month ago with the theme “A complete Guide for Blogger” and we have been providing lot of tutorials and especially templates in this blog since then; so that user can make the best use of Blogger.
google Page rank of Bloggeruser
I can now believe hard work really pays and the thing that matters most for improving your page rank is original content and the link building.
I really want to thanks all those who became active for this blog. Really thanks to all.
And now let us know what is going on with your blog.

Google Profile for Bloggers

Google Profile for Bloggers This post includes a simple tip to get one more backlink for your blog or just get your profile page on Google. I am sure many of you have maintained your blogger profile properly. Blogger Profile may usually work out as your “About Me” page and provide Backlink to your Blogs. Well, I am not going to talk about Blogger profile today but instead I want to suggest you about the Google profile page. This is just a simple tip so; don’t expect the post to be long. I simply want to make you aware that Google profile can be one more spot to get you backlink.

And even that single backlink matters if you are focusing on link building. Go to the Google profiles and just fill everything you need for the profile. Note that if your profile doesn’t contain sufficient information it won’t be found in Google search results. So make sure that you have filled everything properly it needs to be done so. The warning message appears if your profile does not contain sufficient information. Include the Url of your blog and Name it according to you want and there you are with one more link for your blog from your Google profile.
And even if you are not that concerned with getting a backlink, you can still opt for completing your google profile so that your profile can rank for your name search in google. So go and complete your profile and let us know anything you have to share with us (related to the profile).

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