Are you using custom domain for your blogger blog? Then make sure you take care of the domain properly. Most often what happens is after you have set up your Domain properly to work with the blogger blog, you hardly pay any attention to it afterwards. But what if one day you found out that your domain expired and you landed on some other page while accessing your blog ? Well this maynot happen to most of you at all but sometimes due to your ignorance you may have this situation. Last year i lost two of my domains due to such ignorance. Not only me even the $80 million worth comapany that just raised a new $10 million of funding, FourSquare went down some days ago just because it forgot to renew it’s domain name ( See the Screen shot that appeared while accessing the
Foursquare Domain Expired Popular Tech Blog, TechCrunch blogged on the issue that became a popular news. Here’s the quote

Yesterday, Foursquare had some downtime. That’s nothing new, startups have downtime all the time — see: Twitter, that was their M.O. for about a year — but the reason for Foursquare’s appears to be a little humorous.
While the site is back up and running now, it appears that Foursquare forgot to renew their domain name, which expired on March 25. As a result, GoDaddy, the registrar, pulled the site and put up their own landing page. Which some people noticed on Twitter and other tipped us about.

Autorenew Godaddy Domain Sounds funny ? For Foursquare, Luckilly they got the domain back as they grabbed it quickly and put it back.
So i just wanted to make you aware of your custom domain through this post. If you are using Godaddy as your domain registrar (which i guess most of you); then it just requires you to tick the autorenew box on the side of the domain. If not, then you need to make sure that your Email is updated with the domain registrar so that you will be notified many times before your domain actually expires.

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