Blogger Myths Most bloggers don’t try the Blogger because of several myths available in the online blogosphere. Well, blogger has changed over time and lots of things have changed and even some facts have now turned into myths. Most people have concepts such as Blogger is only for beginners or who are brand new into blogging business. Here we will discuss some of such top 4 myths of Blogger.

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Only Few Features:

This is the top myth that blogger offers just few features to bloggers. In fact there is no such free software that has as advanced features as blogger. The competitor wordpress software (not the self hosted one) too doesn’t provide as much features as the Blogger one. New features are being added over span of time and the blogger is improving daily by providing users with new and exciting features. The blogger facility to make use of custom templates and add any Html code you need has made blogger much better.

Just Good for Beginners:

People have a myth that blogger has limited functions which just makes it good for the beginner bloggers only. But the case is really different if you can make most of blogger by knowing it functions and aspects. Blogs like Blogger Buster would not use Blogger software if it really was the case. Google has really done a lot make the blogger feature rich and though it’s easy it use, it still remains good blogging platform for professionals too.

Blogs Disappear Suddenly:

Blogger doesn’t remove your blog if you follow the blogger policy carefully. Most blogs are removed because of some type of policy infringement. So make sure you follow the policies carefully and definitely this is going to be a myth. And yes Blogger gives warning if anything as such happens and you can request an review from your blogger dashboard but if you fail to do that within some 15-20 days your blog will be automatically removed.

System Not stable:

After Blogger have moved to hands of Google, I think this has completely been a myth. In past bloggers had complained that the system would go down making both the dashboard and page unavailable. This is no more a problem with Blogger now and it has been more stable now.

I hope you too have know some myths of blogger and if so please feel free to share with us.

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  1. All of these people are, broadly defined, potential bloggers. Maybe their tools of choice don’t look like this one, but their desire to communicate is no less powerful than anybody else’s. Some may choose to use a listserv or e-mail list.

  2. popular notion about bloggers is that they're pajama-wearing partisan ranters living in Mommy's basement. There they wile away their under-employed time obsessing about the latest Connecticut Senate race poll

  3. I also heard this about bloggers. But don't believe them at all. I love to use blogger. Enjoy blogging with blogger.

    Bangla Hacks

  4. […] one more reason why people don’t want to go for blogger. But I think this should now only be a myth and blogger has worked on trends of pointing out thousands of malicious blogs for years. Spam levels have also […]

  5. I like blogger, yes it’a good for beginners but it can also grow with you. I have tried wordpress and other than failing to get it instaleld on my computer I generally find blogger a much better tool so far.

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