Keyboard Navigation in Blogger Blogs

Make your Blog Easy to Navigate with Keyboard Arrows

by bloggeruseron June 29, 2013
One must have feature in blogs is the Next and Previous buttons at bottom of each post. Using Keyboard Arrows to do those functions of Next and Previous Posts within your blog would definitely be more useful to your blog. In this blogger tutorial, we will learn how to implement the cool feature in our […]
Android App for Blogger

Official Android App for Blogger

by bloggeruseron February 4, 2011
Blogger now has an official app for Android users which will allow them to easily compose a post and publish it on their blog from their android phone. While mobile blogging should have been handy for many blogger users previously, apps like these are additional advancement of software providing more functionality. Blogger in its recent […]

Blogger T-shirt

Free Blogger T-shirt with a Survey

by bloggeruseron December 27, 2010
Want to show your blogger love? A blogger T-shirt should be perfect for you to show your respect to this blogging platform. And for this time, you shouldn’t spend any bucks on it. You just need to be lucky and do your bit by taking this blogger survey. Blogger, as to gain some feedback from […]
Free SEO Report Blogger

Free SEO Reports Tool for your Blog

by bloggeruseron December 24, 2010
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is definitely the much talked about topic on the web and so is its importance. Ask anyone how you could drive more readers to your blog and every one of them will include this important topic in their answer. The most important thing after the quality content you produce for your blog is the way you get readers for your content and this is where SEO comes in play.

National Cyber Security Blogger

Making Blogger Blogs Safer on Web

by bloggeruseron October 29, 2010
Spam is increasing rapidly on blogspot blogs as its users are growing day by day. Being an easy platform to create a page and go online on web, many spammers are targeting blogspot and so is malicious content growing on blogspot blogs. Blogger in the context is trying its best to fight against the spammers to stop the abuse.
Blogger Google

Blogger needs your Ideas again to improve its Features

by bloggeruseron October 27, 2010
A short post after a long time! Working on lot other stuff, but this is very useful to bring as a post on blogger user. This is your time to be heard on blogger. Make Blogging better with blogger. On their Google Products page, Blogger is now looking for more suggestions from its users and to improve its features. Please use this opportunity to submit your ideas to blogger. You ideas can include the specific features you want or suggestions on how they can improve the existing ones.

Viglink for Blogger

Viglink – easy affiliate marketing for bloggers

by bloggeruseron August 6, 2010
Official Blogger blog keeps on pointing out a lot of resources that can help you make most out of blogger. Though I like most of them, there are really few that are appealing enough for me to actually use it on blog. This week on Blogger Buzz Viglink CEO, Oliver Roup talks about one more […]
Domain names and internet concept

Your Domain Name is the best Investment you can make!

by bloggeruseron July 22, 2010
Yes, you heard it right; investing in a domain name is the best investment you can make in your blogging career. A year ago when I started this blog, the first thing I did was find a suitable domain for my blog. I wanted to make this site for blogger users and so was really appealing to me. Read why you need your own domain name.

google-plus-button blogger

Google Buzz Share Button Widget for Blogger

by bloggeruseron May 27, 2010
Blogger User helps you to add Google Buzz Share Button Widget in your blogger blogs. Use the Google Buzz Share widget in your blog to make users easy to share. I know you may not be using that blogger Navbar for sharing or just you want the cool Google Buzz share Button Widget in your blog. Ok so in this post, I will help you to get that cool and colourful Google buzz button in your blog.
Related Posts Widget for Blogger

Related Posts Widget with thumbnails for Blogger

by bloggeruseron May 23, 2010
Are you looking to increase page views of your blog? This should be a must have widget for your blogger blog. Related Posts with Thumbnails for bloggerRelated Posts with thumbnails is not just a one more related posts widget. This widget really looks good with the content and thus adds something worth to the overall design of your template.