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Official Blogger blog keeps on pointing out a lot of resources that can help you make most out of blogger. Though I like most of them, there are really few that are appealing enough for me to actually use it on blog. This week on Blogger Buzz Viglink CEO, Oliver Roup talks about one more way of making money from your blog and in a simpler way through viglink.
ViglinksHave you heard about the Affiliate marketing concept? If not, it’s just a marketing practice in which a business (websites) pay you for any visitor or customer you send to them. You can go on learning more about affiliate marketing if you haven’t any idea already. Now this viglink makes the process of affiliate marketing easier. If you are blogging about products or services and actually influencing your readers to buy and use them, you can be really making money out of that. Viglink helps you easily turn your links to affiliate links of products and services and so within minutes you will be practicing affiliate marketing. Its lot easier as you don’t need to worry about joining proper channels and manually doing the codes and everything. With some lines of code you can start making money out of affiliate marketing.

Here’s what viglink has to say about itself in a blog post of blogger buzz;

VigLink is a content monetization company that makes affiliate marketing very easy for bloggers. We offer a simple snippet of code you can install in your blog that automatically and transparently does all the work for you. We’ve catalogued and signed up for more than 12,500 affiliate programs and we collect all the performance information and deliver you a single integrated payment. In return, VigLink takes 25% of the incremental revenue you earn.

So If you really interested, You can go on and join Viglink.

Instructions to Add Viglink Widget in Blogger

Let me walk you through the process of installing viglink on your blogger blog.

Latest Update August 2015: Here’s the latest and official video instructions to add Viglink to your blog. Follow the steps in the video or you can see the written instructions below.

1. After creating an account with Viglink, Go to the dashboard and click on “Install” on your left side of dashboard.

2. Copy the Code Provided by Viglink.

3. Now go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on the “Design” of the blog you want to use Viglink
Blogger dashboard Design
4. Make Sure you are now on Page Elements Tab.
Blogger Design Page Elements

5. Click Add A gadget in your Footer or any other closest area to the buttom of your page.

6. Select to add the “HTML/Javascript” Gadget.
Html Javascript blogger
7. Now Paste the Code that you had copied in step 2; in the Gadget Content.

Configure Html Javascript
8. Save the gadget.

That’s all. If you want to see if you have installed the code properly you can use the viglinks Installation checker by entering your blog Url.

Let us know what you think about Viglink in the comments below. Is it helping you to monetize your blog?

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  1. Hey Pradeep, this is a great post and very well written. I know I should be following Blogger Buzz but I like your version of this news much better.
    I’m going to install this gadget right away. Thanks!!

  2. Well, that VigLink thing sure sounds nice.
    My blogspot of affiliate reviews could be a target to many more affiliate links than just those, created by me…
    Thanks for info!

  3. I’ve not had much success with my Blogger affiliate sites but am having a good run with sites I host on WordPress. I just read an article about Google taking down affiliate sites built on their platform so I would be wary of using it to build new niche affiliate sites.

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